Power Up Your Journey:

The EV Charger Guide

Welcome to ‘Power Up Your Journey: The EV Charger Guide!’ Explore everything about EV charging, from home to business solutions and solar power. Uncover the benefits, recommendations, and essential tips for a smoother EV experience. Join us on this electrifying journey!

Understanding EV Chargers

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are transforming the way we drive by providing eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation options. To fully enjoy the benefits of owning an EV, it is essential to understand EV chargers and how they can enhance your overall EV experience. This comprehensive guide will explore various aspects of EV charging, including home charging solutions, commercial applications, and even harnessing solar power to charge your EV. You will discover the advantages of having your own EV charger, our top recommendations, and essential dos and don’ts for efficient and safe charging. So, read on to learn more about EV charging and how it can make your EV ownership experience even better.

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At Home Charging

Benefits of Having Your EV Charger

Investing in a home EV charger provides numerous advantages. You’ll enjoy:

Power Up Your Journey: The EV Charger Guide | Benefit 1: Convenience


Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent visits to public charging stations. Our convenient EV charging solution allows you to power up your vehicle on your terms and schedule. Enjoy the freedom to charge whenever you want, without any worries.

Power Up Your Journey: The EV Charger Guide | Benefit 2: Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Did you know that charging your electric car at home can save you a lot of money compared to using public charging networks? Plus, if you take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, you can save even more!

Power Up Your Journey: The EV Charger Guide | Benefit 3: Faster Charging

Faster Charging

Home chargers can charge your devices much faster than standard wall outlets. Say goodbye to long charging times and hello to more time spent doing what you love.

What We Recommend

We recommend the Growatt Thor and Sol Apollo home EV chargers for their reliability, efficiency, and compatibility with various EV models. These chargers are user-friendly and designed for seamless integration into your home charging setup.

Growatt THOR 11/22AS-S/P

Power up your electric vehicle with ease and efficiency. Our charging system seamlessly integrates with solar storage, so you can rest easy knowing your car is powered by renewable energy. Compatible with all EV brands, you can drive with confidence knowing you’re making a positive impact on the environment.

*Product Cost:
THOR 07AS-P – $770.00 AUD
THOR 11AS-P – $990.00 AUD
THOR 22AS-P – $1,100.00 AUD

Sol Apollo SOL7.4H/SOL11H/SOL22H

Solplanet’s latest generation of EV chargers is designed to offer a safer and smarter charging experience, with a stylish and user-friendly design available in blue or black. These chargers incorporate the latest technologies and are highly adaptable to suit a wide range of user scenarios, making them an ideal choice for electric vehicle owners.

*Product Cost:
SOL7.4H – $750.00 AUD
SOL11H – $850.00 AUD
SOL22H – $990.00 AUD

*Please note that the GST is already included in the price. However, the installation cost is not included and may vary depending on particular variables.

Commercial Charging

Benefits of Having An EV Charger in Your Business

If you own or manage a business, offering EV charging services can attract more customers and enhance your sustainability efforts. Benefits include:

Power Up Your Journey: The EV Charger Guide | Benefit 4: Customer Attraction

Customer Attraction

EV owners actively seek out businesses that offer charging stations, providing those businesses with a competitive edge over others that do not offer such charging facilities.

Power Up Your Journey: The EV Charger Guide | Benefit 5: Extended Dwell Time

Extended Dwell Time

By offering EV charging stations, you can encourage customers to stay longer at your establishment, leading to potential sales growth.

Power Up Your Journey: The EV Charger Guide | Benefit 6: Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Make a statement about your dedication to sustainable practices by embracing the current trend towards eco-friendliness.

What we recommend

For commercial charging solutions, we recommend GET Electric chargers. Their reliability, scalability, and user-friendly interfaces make them an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.



If you're a typical user who needs a high-speed charging solution, this charger is perfect for you. It's designed to provide maximum capacity, so you can quickly and easily charge your car without having to wait for an extended period.

• Single Phase
• CT Monitored
• Supported by App
• PayWay Billing
• Managed Data
• Monitored Data
• OCPP 1.6



GET's 22kW commercial charger quickly charges electric vehicles with a three-phase on-board charger. It has a type 2 charging socket and meets industrial standards. The charger uses a MID-certified meter for accuracy and has a built-in RCD for safety. With an EN-GATE gateway, it can connect to a charging network for multiple chargers in one location.

• Three Phase
• CT Monitored
• Supported by App
• PayWay Billing
• 3 Mounting Options
• Managed Data
• Monitored Data
• CT Monitored
• OCPP 1.6


22kW Fast EV Charger with Digital Advertising System

GET’s commercial charger with floor-standing digital display offers EV charging, multimedia advertising, and Wi-Fi integration. The high-definition colour LCD screen is user-friendly and fully visible in direct sunlight.

• Digital Display
• 2 x 22kw Chargers
• Three Phase
• CT Monitored
• Monitored Data
• Supported by App
• Managed Data
• PayWay Billing
• OCPP 1.6

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Charging your EV with solar power 

Charging your EV with solar power is a sustainable and cost-effective approach. By harnessing the sun’s energy, you can reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills. Consider installing solar panels at your home or business to power your EV charger with clean, renewable energy.

An electrician holding and standing besides a solar panel

Do’s and Don’ts

To ensure safe and efficient EV charging, here are some essential dos and don’ts to keep in mind:


  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your EV charger.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain your charger for safety.
  • Use a qualified electrician for installation.
  • Consider time-of-use rates for cost-effective charging.


  • Overload circuits or use unapproved extension cords.
  • Attempt DIY electrical work for your charger.
  • Ignore software updates for your charger.
  • Block public charging stations unnecessarily.

Ready to Charge Up?

Are you ready to take the next step in your EV journey? Contact us today to explore the best EV charging solutions for your home or business. Whether you’re looking for residential convenience, commercial opportunities, or eco-friendly solar-powered charging, we’re here to guide you toward a greener and more efficient future.

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